Kids&Teens: Observations at HKW

Inside HKW

Sun, May 27, 2018
3 pm
Fee: 5 €
In German
From 6 years
© Veit Metten

What’s considered “normal” or “good behavior” is not only different in different parts of the world. People’s behavior also changes depending on where they happen to be: at home, different rules apply than in a shop or on a tram. “That’s the way it’s done”, is often the answer to the question of why things are done a certain way. Where do all these rules come from and how can one find out what’s “normal” in an unfamiliar place? HKW with its numerous professional and visitor groups serves as a research laboratory for this workshop in which the participants test methods of scientific (self-) observation.

With Uta Rinklebe (MACHmit! Museum, Berlin)