Kids&Teens: Philosophy workshop

Always (different) me

Sun, Jul 1, 2018
3 pm
Fee: 5 €
In German
From 8 years
© Laura Braun

Who am I? That’s not so easy to answer if one thinks about it awhile. The question of “me” has occupied philosophers for a very long time. Is your own name or your own body part of who you are? Is “I” innate? Or does it only grow along with your own thinking? Does a person have multiple “mes”? Or one that’s never “finished”? After all, our thoughts and feelings change depending on the situation or even as we age. So “me” is a little complicated – but always exciting! In this philosophy workshop the participants search for answers together and also ask new questions.

With Jana Nopper and Xiaoqing Xu (Die kleinen Denker e.V.)

Jana Nopper studied educational science and philosophy in Berlin. She works as a social worker and in extracurricular education. She has philosophized with children at Die kleinen Denker e.V. since 2013.

Xiaoqing Xu is a translator and holds a doctorate in Sinology . She grew up in China and has been living in Germany since 1990. Currently she is working in youth welfare. She teaches courses in Chinese philosophy and philosophizes with children in daycare centers. She has conducted courses with Die kleinen Denker e.V. since 2015.