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The Zombies | Friedrich Sunlight

Sun, Jul 29, 2018
7 pm
Admission: Evening ticket (2 concerts + film) 18€/14€
Open-air on the roof terrace

7 pm Friedrich Sunlight
8.30 pm The Zombies
10 pm Submarine (film)
The Zombies, © Payley Photography

Using a dreamy mixture of classical, jazz, and rhythm & blues The Zombies have been enchanting beat audiences since 1964.

After hits like She’s Not There and Tell Her No, however, commercial success was over. Their masterpiece Odessey and Oracle is today mentioned in the same breath as the visionary Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys; but by the time it was released in 1968 the band had already broken up. To celebrate the album’s 50th birthday four of the original five members will play the entire album plus their greatest hits, with a little help from musicians of Brian Wilson’s touring band.

Friedrich Sunlight, © Ferdinand Klotzky

Friedrich Sunlight

The quite bearable lightness of being: Friedrich Sunlight play sunshine pop, whose breezy melodies and babadaba background choirs conceal the complex arrangements behind them. References to 1960s British pop can be heard. But the band around Brent Kitahama, who left his Californian home for Augsburg, expands its music around German lyrics, bringing in another reference pointing to Manfred Krug’s chansons. They see themselves as a counter-proposal to the scene of discourse pop—encasing the hard German language in a velvety bed of music.