Co(py) Producer

Digital Music-Making Workshop for Kids&Teens

Sun, Oct 21, 2018
3 pm
Free admission
For ages 8-12

In German

Meeting point: ticket counter
Photo: Sascha Kösch

Remixes, covers, reactions, samples, likes, virals, lip syncs: On the web, it’s not the original that makes music, but the interaction of many different processes. New sounds are created by passing on, rerecording, replaying and recombining soundscapes and data. In the workshop, the building blocks of music and video will become tangible and playable in the form of samples and image snippets. You’ll create a new song in the miniaturized sound lab.

Stefanie Hartwig is a music producer and project manager. After various house and techno publications on international labels, in 2013 she developed, founded and has since then run Touching Music at many schools in Berlin as a tablet music project for elementary school students.

Sascha Kösch works as a journalist and DJ at the interface of technology, music and media. As a co-founder of De:Bug, a journal for electronic aspects of life and editor of the blog network Engadget, he has been part of Touching Music from the beginning, developing various project groups for it at elementary schools.

The workshop is part of the Kinderkulturmonat.