2021, Wed, Jun 30

Award Ceremony

The shortlist of this year’s Internationaler Literaturpreis includes six books that take on the present, shift the boundaries between the self and the world and reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable. Which author and translator will the jury choose as the winning duo? What makes their book stand out?

After awarding the entire shortlist last year due to the pandemic, the prize will again be given to one author and translator duo in person.

The actors Niels Bormann, Zeynep Bozbay, Jonas Grundner-Culemann, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Tina Pfurr and Irina Sulaver will read excerpts from the shortlisted books, accompanied and commented by the drummer Linda-Philomène Tsoungui. Afterwards, jury members Dominique Haensell and Annika Reich will announce this year’s winners and talk to them about the work and its translation.