Liberal Discomfort Zone

With MYSTI, Lisa Jeschke

Sun, Nov 21, 2021
Conference Room 1
3–5 pm
Free admission, with registration
At this time, the 2G Rule (vaccinated-recovered) applies for this event. More about Covid-19 admission regulations

In English

“In this workshop, we will re-enact the workshop as the ultimate liberal – in corporate and nonprofit work sectors, neoliberal – educational model and comfort zone whose mundane conclusion (that of chin up figure it out yourself) can be perceived before even beginning. We will sit in a circle of chairs. The two moderators, MYSTI and Lisa, will sit separately from one another.

Part 1: Artist Q & A
Lisa and MYSTI will each read from their work, and ask each other pre-prepared questions on self-publishing/small-press publishing. Discussion is opened to the audience.

4-5 pm
Part 2: Unity in Separation
We will begin the second part of the workshop by going round in a circle and speaking up on the question ‘What’s wrong with liberalism (for me)?????!?!?!?!?!’. Subsequently, all participants (audience + MYSTI + Lisa) will create their own conspiratorial, private one-page A4 mini-publication ‘What’s wrong with liberalism (for me)?????!?!?!?!?!’. No one will be asked to share their work: everyone is FREE to write/draw as badly as they can. Everyone is invited to take their own work back home with them. :-(

HKW will serve free coffee and donuts.”