Performance by Tarek Lakhrissi, with Makeda Monet and Victor da Silva

Tue, Jul 19, 2022
Hirschfeld Bar
7.30 pm
Free admission

In English

Tarek Lakhrissi, Photo: Katarzyna Perlak

BEAST! delves into utopian queer passions, rituals for lost ones and dark corners to protect oneself in.

Queers and People of Color were historically framed as monstrous. In his performance artist and poet Tarek Lakhrissi explores “bestiality” as a philosophical and political concept by drawing on this stigma. Accompanied by vocals of Makeda Monet and the electronic music of Victor da Silva, he reads his recent romantic yet radical poems.

Performance: Tarek Lakhrissi
Text: Tarek Lakhrissi
Original musical creation: Victor da Silva
Singer-composer (voice): Makeda Monnet
Costume: Inner Light
External collaborators: Capucine Porphire, Mawena Yehouessi, Léuli Eshrāghi
Executive producer: Sarina Basta (BHI)
Production Assistant: Violette Morisseau

A Production by Tinguely Museum (Basel), Move Festival, Centre Pompidou (Paris), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Shedhalle (Zürich), Bureau des Heures Invisibles (Aubervilliers)

With the support of La Maison Populaire (Montreuil) and the Lafayette Anticipations Foundation (Paris)