Thu, Jul 1, 2010
6 pm
Free admission
© Eléonore de Montesquiou

Ariane MICHEL: La cave | Video | dv | color | 13:00 | France 2009
Peter ROSE: Journey to Q'xtlan | Video | dv | color | 07:30 | USA 2009
Alexandra REYNOLDS: Nueve segundos de negro | Video | dv | color | 01:39 | Spain 2009
Sabine SCHÖBEL: Grunske | exp. film | super8, 16mm | color | 05:00 | Germany 2009
Franziska CORDES, Markus BERTUCH: Advocat | exp. doc | hdv | color | 10:08 | Germany 2009
Carlos IRIJALBA: Twilight | Video | hd | color | 13:00 | Spain 2008
Ben RIVERS: Origin of the Species | exp. doc | 16mm | color | 16:00 | UK 2008
Eleonore DE MONTESQUIOU: Kalamees | exp. doc | dv | color | 23:10 | France/Estonia 2009

Ariane MICHEL films a man working in a dark glacial cave, by the light of a single lamp. He is patiently defrosting a gigantic block of earth to find the corpse of a mammoth, intact, emerge from the inside. Peter ROSE explores space with the help of beams of light, creating primitive and mysterious images. Alexandra REYNOLDS recounts a man’s experience of an eye operation, which was used in a research project about visual tracks and meaning. Sabine SCHÖBEL films the Palace of the Republic, emblematic building of the ex-GDR in Berlin. Restored only to be destroyed, its metal skeleton, before being demolished, evokes other ruins, those of Berlin after the bombings and of the World Trade Center. Franziska CORDES et Markus BERTUCH film the abduction and transportation of an equestrian statue, starting at its vertical posture and ending with its horizontal set down. North of the Navarra region, in the forest of Irati, Carlos IRIJALBA, moves about amongst the nature around him, a tower’s light as his stadium, creating a hyper-defined space by and for performance. The tower sheds light, literally and figuratively, on its function as a pre-narrative device. Ben RIVERS films a man isolated in nature seemingly escaping the cycle of time. Eléonore DE MONTESQUIOU films the frozen white vastness of a river in Estonia as a scene in waiting or between-period of an individual or collective history. Sasha fishes in winter. He speaks Russian, but not a word of Estonian. He desires to live neither in Russia nor in Estonia, but in this in-between space which is the Narva-Ivangorod.