La preuve (The Proof)

D: Amor Hakkar

Wed, Mar 26, 2014
7 pm
Free admission
Algeria after 1954 – Cinematic reflections, La Preuve (The Proof), Film still

Algeria/France/United Arab Emirates 2013, 95 Min, English subtitles
Director Amor Hakkar will be present

The taxi driver Ali is afraid. His wife, Houria, has two daughters by her deceased first husband, but their hopes for a baby of their own have gone unfulfilled. Secretly, Ali goes to another town to be tested – with the feared negative result. On his way back, Ali gives the pregnant Fatima a lift. When a short time later the young woman claims that he is the father of her child, his life is turned completely upside down. He could easily save his marriage – but at what cost to his manhood? A film about the fetters of traditional beliefs.

Muhr Arab Award nominee at the 2013 Dubai International Film Festival.

Amor Hakkar (*1958). The director and author, born in Algeria in 1958 and raised in France, made his directorial debut in 1990 with “Apprends-moi à compter jusqu’à l’infini.” Amor Hakkar was both director of and leading actor in “La maison jaune.” His “La Preuve” appeared at the 2013 Dubai International Film Festival.

  • Trailer in Arabic