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Report Berlin Documentary Forum 3 - new practices across disciplines

Berlin Documentary Forum 3
new practices across disciplines
Thu, May 29 — Sun, June 1, 2014

This third edition of Berlin Documentary Forum investigates the inherent tensions and paradoxes involved in the production of narratives and the role such narratives play in the fabrication of social reality and the shaping of lived experience. It proposes that storytelling be understood not simply as reflecting reality, but rather as one of the primary ways in which reality itself is constructed.

The immense interest in narrative as a domain of inquiry stems from the manifold cultural functions it fulfills: it can preserve tradition, create national identities, consolidate social hierarchy, establish truth and authenticity, and both curb and enrich collective and individual imagination. Narrative may be put to the service of reconfirming hegemonic formations, but so too can it challenge the status quo by allowing for alternative constructions of memory and history to be imagined.

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