Schools of Tomorrow 3


School projects, presentations, discussions

Schools are laboratories for the society of tomorrow. But how can they enable democratic, self-determined and sustainable action? At eleven Berlin schools, students, along with artists and everyday experts, explore the question of how schools can give them tools for actively shaping their lives.

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Video – 1:30:24

Schools and Self-Empowerment in the Climate Crisis (German)

With Eva Stein, Corina Conrad-Beck, Tatjana Beilenhoff-Nowicki, Nora Oehmichen, Quang Paasch, Maren Ziese, moderated by Silke Ramelow German original version Discussion, Jun 17, 2021

Video – 1:30:50

Field for Experimentation, Educational Center, Learning Factory? (German)

Schools, City and Society in the 1970s Federal Republic With Çiçek Bacık, Claudia Hummel, Ellen Thormann, moderated by Tom Holert German original version Discussion, Jun 17, 2021