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Studio Talk: On the Origins of the Archive of Refuge (German)

With Manuela Bojadžijev, Carolin Emcke, Mohammad A. S. Sarhangi, Heidi Specogna, moderated by Verena Lueken German original version Sep 30, 2021

Video – 0:59:20

Archiv der Flucht: Opening (German)

Opening speech: Senthuran Varatharajah Welcome: Bernd Scherer, Carolin Emcke, Manuela Bojadžijev German original version Sep 30, 2021

Video – 0:00:00

Studio Talk: Khesrau Behroz and Sasha Marianna Salzmann (German)

Moderated by Eva Gilmer German original version Sep 30, 2021

Gallery – 11 pictures

Archive of Refuge

Digital archive, Installation, Opening days Sep 30, 2021–Jan 3, 2022

Gallery – 5 pictures


By Nicholas Bussmann Exhibition, performances, Aug 26–Sep 19, 2021

Gallery – 21 pictures

21 Sunsets

Concerts, films, readings Jul 15–Aug 15, 2021

Gallery – 8 pictures

Internationaler Literaturpreis 2021

Prize for Contemporary Literature in Translation Award Ceremony, Jun 30, 2021

Video – 0:00:00

Die jüngste Tochter (German)

Jury members Robin Detje, Dominique Haensell and Annika Reich talk about Fatima Daas' “Die jüngste Tochter”, translated from French by Sina de Malafosse.

Video – 0:00:00

Im düstern Wald werden unsre Leiber hängen (German)

Jurors Michael Götting and Verena Lueken talk about Ava Farmehri’s “Im düstern Wald werden unsre Leiber hängen”, translated from English by Sonja Finck.

Video – 1:30:24

Schools and Self-Empowerment in the Climate Crisis (German)

With Eva Stein, Corina Conrad-Beck, Tatjana Beilenhoff-Nowicki, Nora Oehmichen, Quang Paasch, Maren Ziese, moderated by Silke Ramelow German original version Discussion, Jun 17, 2021

Video – 1:30:50

Field for Experimentation, Educational Center, Learning Factory? (German)

Schools, City and Society in the 1970s Federal Republic With Çiçek Bacık, Claudia Hummel, Ellen Thormann, moderated by Tom Holert German original version Discussion, Jun 17, 2021

Video – 0:01:46

Weiches Begräbnis (German)

Jurors Robin Detje and Michael Götting talk about Fang Fang’s “Weiches Begräbnis”, translated from Chinese by Michael Kahn-Ackermann.

Gallery – 17 pictures

Investigative Commons

Exhibition, conference, discussions and screenings Jun 6–Aug 8, 2021

Video – 0:00:00

An das Wilde glauben (German)

Jury members Heike Geißler and Annika Reich talk about Nastassja Martin's “An das Wilde glauben” (In the Eye of the Wild), translated from French by Claudia Kalscheuer.

Video – 0:00:00

Education Shock

Learning, Politics and Architecture in the 1960s and 1970s

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Wetter (German)

Jury members Heike Geißler, Dominique Haensell and Verena Lueken talk about Jenny Offill's “Wetter” (Weather), translated from English by Melanie Walz.

Video – 0:05:24

Internationaler Literaturpreis: The 2021 Shortlist

Zeynep Bozbay, Benjamin Radjaipour, Niels Bormann, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Tina Pfurr and Irina Sulaver read from the six books on the shortlist for this year’s Internationaler Literaturpreis.

Video – 4:39:07

Archival Absence

With Bassel Al Saadi, Fehras Publishing Practices, Ghassan Halwani, United for Intercultural Action (Balint Josa) and Rona Sela, moderated by Marwa Arsanios English original version Video series: Presentations, discussions

Video – 0:01:51

Concrete Isn’t Just Walls (German)

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule with Alexandre Decoupigny German original version