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tension-ridden relationships between architecture, housing, and social reality in an exhibition of

Fri 10.12.2021


Video: Lectures, discussion
New Alphabet School
. How can communities stand up for guaranteed rights despite a reality in which these are constantly

Sun 12.12.2021
3 pm–5 pm

360° Refuge and Utopia – What is a Good Place to Arrive?

Workshop for kids, families and adults
Archive of Refuge
translated into an animated image that participants immerse themselves in using virtual reality glasses (...)
translated into an animated image that participants immerse themselves in using virtual reality glasses

Contributors: Jörg Brinkmann

Reality at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. As of November 2018 Events:

Thu 9.12.2021

#CommunityBuilding: Workshops

Online program: Workshops
New Alphabet School
everyday life or in conflict situations to find common ground? The workshop will move from a reality of

Thu 18.11.2021
6:30 pm

Dear Future, where do you see yourself in five years?

Audience discussion
Schools of Tomorrow 3
places that enable young people to translate livable utopias into the reality of work. Max Fuchs

Contributors: Olaf Nicolai

works in Berlin. As of May 2019 Events: The Whole Life: Archives and Reality – Archive Viewing 2020, Mon


disruptions of the past hundred years have shaped our conception of reality, our thought, and our language

Publication: Bibliothek 100 Jahre Gegenwart

ideals, as its reality, are not only once again contemporary, but also still visionary. This volume

Contributors: Eva Hasel

and augmented reality. As of September 2021 Events:

Contributors: Jasmin Lajeunesse

releasing her first album of original songs, Dreams|Reality. Currently, she is working on a second EP called

Fri 1.10.2021
7 pm

History and Representation: Post-1945 Migration Regimes

Archive of Refuge
exception to social reality? And since when and via what detours has German migration history finally been

Sat 9.10.2021
4 pm–9:30 pm

Socializing Evidence

Investigative Commons
now take over the means of (evidence) production and define how reality around them is framed and

Contributors: Ali Atef

2019 Projects: The Whole Life: Archives and Reality 2019, May 19 — 25

Publication: Nervöse Systeme

analysis, reality mining, pattern recognition and forecasts, has changed our understanding of the “self

Fri 1.10.2021

Digital materials for political education work

Archive of Refuge
conveyed through storytelling, soundscapes and virtual reality? What digital tools are useful for this

Fri 13.08.2021
10 pm


21 Sunsets
construction of reality becomes visible here, as does its potential for the poetic: a turtle race in the desert

Thu 2.09.2021
1 pm–6:30 pm

#Transmitting: Workshops

New Alphabet School
reality and fiction be used as alternative means in order to help enhancing the act of transmission

Sat 21.08.2021
8:30 pm–11 pm

Tenderness in Extractive Worlds

transmediale 2021 out of doors
Sour Dirt Diane Edwards renders the poisonous and weird reality of digital world-making and in Soot

Projects 2017

shaped our conception of reality, our thought, and our language. The Dictionary of Now series reflects on