Re_Visioning Bodies

Publication series Das Neue Alphabet (The New Alphabet), Volume 10
Editor: Daniel Neugebauer
Publisher: Spector Books, Leipzig
80-100 pages, German and English edition
color illustrations, paperback with folded dust cover
Price: 10 €

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Re_Visioning Bodies calls for a new visibility of non-normative bodies in archives – moving away from forcible categorization and towards respect, care and forms of bodily knowledge production. Eliza Steinbock finds love in the Lili Elbe Archive, Europe’s largest collection of trans* and queer history. Carmen Mörsch describes how bodies that act as a medium for artistic expression communicate more than just art, inviting us to take a discrimination-wary view. Zeyno Pekünlü looks at constructs of a bride and contrasts idealized wedding photos with the matter-of-fact comments of stylists. Maaike Bleeker slips into the role of Neo in The Matrix to ask how intellectual knowledge and physical knowing condition one another.