Screening, Conversation

Art & Economics Group Quarterly Forum

Tanja Ostojic, Dmytri Kleiner and Baruch Gottlieb - with Stefan Hayn as the guest of the evening

Tue, Apr 8, 2014
7 pm
Free admission
Salon of Aesthetic Experiments, Stefan Hayn: “Hot Iron” (2005, 35mm, 15 min), © Stefan Hayn

Program of the evening:

Introduction to the Art&Economics group by Tanja Ostojic
Film screening by Stefan Hayn
Auction of the special edition of the Art bonds designed by the guest of the evening

The Art & Economics Group, established in Berlin in 2007 by Tanja Ostojic, David Rych and Dmytri Kleiner, investigates the intersection of art and political economy. Economics Quarterly Forums are performative events incorporating rituals relating to art and political economy. Topics include political economy as a theme in art, the economics of art production and economic activity as an action based art practice.

For the first two years Project Room 35 and Wooloo Productions Berlin regularly hosted Art & Economics Group Quarterly Forums. After a break due to the economic recession and the closure of those two art spaces, Quarterly Forums have been hosted by the Museum of American Art Berlin in 2010. Since the size of this space was to small to host our regular visitors, Forums have been hosted from 2010 on by diverse venues in Berlin and Europe. Most recently A&E group has taken part in the Economy, CCA Glasgow and the 4th Athens Biennale (2013).

The group has been enlarged at the occasion of QF4, November 2013 at UdK by Baruch Gottlieb. Between the guests we collaborated with were: Bill Drummond, former artist Goran Djordjevic, Fran Ilich for Diego de La Wega, Alex Nikolic from Slum TV, Diego Castro, ect.

Stefan Hayn (filmmaker and painter) questions too simplified anti-capitalist rhetorics on a historical and psychological level. His movies and paintings try to make the gaps between affirmation and subversion, progress and regress, artistic form and so called critical content emotionally perceptible. He’ll show and discuss his films "Das heiße Eisen/Hot Iron" (2005, 15 min) and "Klassenkampf in Amerika" (1991/93, 16mm, 17 min, engl. UT) More...

The Salon of Aesthetic Experiments is a cooperation between the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the Graduate School for the Arts of the Forum for Post Graduate Studies at Berlin University of the Arts