Vanilton Lakka (Uberlandia/Brasilien)

O Corpo e a Mídia da Dança? The body is a medium of dance

Tue, May 30, 2006
10 pm
Free admission
Wed, May 31, 2006
10 pm
Free admission

European premiere

Vanilton Lakka, O corpo é a Mídio da Dança ? , Copyright: Mauricio Leonard

Solo by and with Vanilton Lakka

Street dance in a White Cube: The young choreographer and dancer Vanilton Lakka transfers the break-dance of the concrete city squares to the abstract space of art. By very slowly dancing the characters derived from the repertoire of the street, he creates something quite novel. Lakka’s performance at the House of World Cultures creates a level of abstraction that he defies by consciously avoiding any stage magic. The focus is always on the dancer’s gestures - even if they are nothing more than a swig from a water bottle - his aura, his physical appearance and behaviour: ‘What does dance have to offer in the age of information? Is the body now nothing more than a technical accessory - like a computer or a telephone?’

An event within the framework of Focus Brasil IN TRANSIT 06 / Copa da Cultura – Brasil + Deutschland 2006