Kids&Teens: Animation workshop with the Zuckerwattenkrawatten


Sun, Jan 7, 2018
3 pm
Fee: 5€
Workshop is booked out

In German
8–12 years

Secret agents act as if they were regular folks. But in secret, they have adventures and save the world from evil forces. Why do they have to investigate under cover? What special skills or superpowers do they have? And what is their secret mission?

In this workshop, the participants will invent adventures for secret agents and learn how an animated cartoon is made.

Zuckerwattenkrawatten is a creative studio for kids and grownups and anyone who wants to develop their hidden talents and potentials. The Zuckerwattenkrawatten create new, complex realms of experience on a variety of themes. Diverse creative activities (like painting, building, photography, animating, music, acting, planting, listening or writing) are offered for precise and active use of the materials and the results are implemented by means of various media (films, books, reportages, plays, newspapers, sculptures).