Somos Calentura/We Are The Heat

D: Jorge Navas, CO 2019, 104 min., Spanish OV with english subtitles

Sat, Jul 20, 2019
10 pm
Open-air on the roof terrace. If poor weather is forecasted, in the Lecture Hall
Information on accessibility

Evening ticket 18€/14€
(2 concerts & film)
Film only 6€/4€
Film still, Somos Calentura, © Max Morales

Hip-hop, salsa choke party culture and the realities of the slums

Harvey is unemployed and wants to leave Buenaventura; to get away from poverty, street violence and the lack of prospects that confront the Afro-Colombian population in particular. He and his street dance crew hope that a hip-hop dance contest will be their big chance. But at the same time, another, more dangerous path opens up before him... Jorge Navas’s drama accompanies its heroes in sweaty nocturnal images and portrays the party culture of salsa choke, a mix of chants, marimba sounds, hip-hop and salsa beats.