Wir bleiben hier (We Are Staying Here)

D: Dirk Otto

Sun, Feb 22, 2009
Exhibition Hall 1
2 pm
Free admission
At the factory (film still from "Wir bleiben hier"), © PROGRESS Film-Verleih

D: Dirk Otto, documentary, GDR 1990, 30 min.

What is going to happen next? East Germany disappears and contracts of employment become meaningless. The decision to stay is fraught with problems: Old standards no longer apply and new ones have yet to be established. People have to take their fate in their own hands: the former contracted workers from Vietnam – the losers of unification. They fight with the authorities over the right to stay. That right is contested and they face discrimination from all sides, including violence from compatriots who now flood into a united Germany. A portrait of a Vietnamese family in the wake of unification.

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