Helge Schneider

Helge Schneider is a comedian, composer, musician, entertainer, book author, scriptwriter, actor, director, music clown, and graphic artist. Schneider did not complete his school leaving exam or anything similar. Following various band projects and small acting parts (amongst others with Christoph Schlingensief), he had a number of jobs as a radio moderator. In 1993 his first feature film Texas – Doc Snyder hält die Welt in Atem became the most successful German film of that year, one year later in 1994 ­Schneider scored one of his biggest hits with his song Katzeklo. He is a jazz musician and, like virtually no one else, knows how to secretly integrate this “way of making music” into his performances. In addition to his musical activities, Schneider works as an actor (his films include Mein Führer, 2007), comedian, and entertainer, and is the author of novels and crime stories (including Eiersalat – Eine Frau geht seinen Weg, 1999). Schneider is very busy and hardly has a private life. When he has time his hobby is chopping wood.

As of January 2019