Bronislaw Szerszynski

Bronislaw Szerszynski is head of the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University,UK. His research is concerned with developing new understandings of the changing relations between humans, the environment, and technology, drawing on social theory, qualitative sociological research, philosophy, and theology. In his current work he focuses on climate change and geo-engineering, the ecocapitalist imaginary, urban ethical foodscapes, and ways of decision making in an unstable world. In 2010, he directed the transdisciplinary research program Experimentality at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University, exploring ideas and practices of experimentation.

Instructor, Campus 2014 (Imaging the Anthropocene I Disciplinarities)
Instructor, Campus 2016 (Disciplinarities II Seminar)


Campus 2014, Public Programme:

Opening weekend case study: Disciplinarities (Video / Audio)

Forum II: Key Term Socio-ecologic Design (Video / Audio)

Technosphere × Knowledge:

Technosphere × Knowledge

Wisdom Techniques

Demonstrations, discussion

Apr 16, 2016