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The Undercommons, © fFurious, 2013

What could a school look like that seeks to make learning and unlearning a common good – where research would be done in response to practices and questions emerging from specific local experiences, while at the same time remaining committed to the universality of this knowledge for the commons? How could such a school of the commons be a place of concern, shelter and negotiation rather than one of profiling and excellence? As Fred Moten and Stefano Harney have put it in their theory of the Undercommons: “It cannot be denied that the university is a place of refuge, and it cannot be accepted that the university is a place of enlightenment. In the face of these conditions one can only sneak into the university and steal what one can.” The last edition of the New Alphabet School tries to steal critical discourse from the university and situate it in local practices. What kind of knowledge of the commons or the undercommons emerges from this?